" There she is, breathless, slipping off a pair of vintage Gucci sunglasses, not a hair out of place. She seems self-assured, with her blonde hair, bronzed skin and endless legs, and somehow slightly childish (but that could just be due to all the pink). She may remind me slightly of Barbie but Francesca’s story has nothing to do with dolls! Her story is rather interesting and more complex than just one simple collection. It is a precise statement that defines the vision and placement of her brand through the creation of a smart and contemporary world that is confirmed by the thought-provoking inscription on the sole of each pair of her shoes "Don't call me doll". Francesca turns out to be determined, aware, and humble and it comes as no surprise that she prefers the human side of life and business. She may have been born in Bergamo but her horizons are broad and at 32, she is about to release her third shoe collection which cleverly combines many ideas and pieces together to create, what the Austrian magazine, WeAr, defined as the, ‘luxury toys for adults.

The creative theme: easy, captivating and strictly “feminine” but with some subtle masculine touches. It is a sophisticated product that you can recognize immediately, thanks to the perfectly chosen shapes, colors and materials that show the high quality, hand-made features produced by a famous manufacturing firm from Parabiago.

The ability to ride the fashion wave. She has the capacity to think on both a global and social level that is taking over the fashion world, one blogger, celebrity and influencer at a time. "

From an interview of Donata Sartorio